Our day out raspberries picking…

Just two weekends ago, a bunch of us headed to Peterley Manor Farm to do some #PYO (pick your own). Our friends, Sam and Hannah, told us about this place in Buckinghamshire and together with Giulia, we decided to make a day out of it. We had a go at pulling some carrots out but decided that the raspberries and strawberries were much easier. These fruits were easily the best I have ever tasted.

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-4
PYOandPie (1 of 1)-6

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-7

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-8

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-11

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-12

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-14

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-16

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-19

PYOandPie (1 of 1)-18

You can check out Giulia’s post on the amazing day out on her blog. Also, thank you Sam for taking the photo of the dude and I holding hands.


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