Building Part I

Last weekend, I was away at a friend’s grandmother’s house near Norwich. The program for the weekend was to design and build a folly in the garden. The basic frame was done by the two boys prior as they dreamt up this mini-project before they went back to university in Copenhagen. We spent both Saturday and Sunday brainstorming, organising, drawing, working and cooking! Being an architect these days means drawing on the computer screen and occasionally, sketching on paper and hand making a model. I picked up a saw for the first time and enjoyed being able to build what we drew. There were mistakes made then corrections but there were also brilliant ideas and detailing happening right before our eyes. By the end of day one, we were all exhausted and fell asleep on the couch watching Bourne Identity. Stay tune for Part II.

Building (1 of 1)-8

Building (1 of 1)-3


Building (1 of 1)-5



Building (1 of 1)-15



Building (1 of 1)-16


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