Backdoor Kitchen

Two weeks ago, I decided to take the dude to Brixton to check out Backdoor Kitchen pop-up – The Backdoor Salon. It happened to coincide with Brixton Splash so it was absolutely pumping when we got ourselves to Cannon & Cannon – British artisan charcuterie seller in Market Row where BDK were holding their lunch and aperitivo session. The afternoon was filled with delicious cicchettis (tapas) and cocktails, perfect for a hot Sunday. My favourite cocktail was Aperol Robs designed by chef Rob himself! If you haven’t tried BDK’s cooking, you are missing out!

BDK  (1 of 1)-10

BDK  (1 of 1)-9

BDK  (1 of 1)-8

BDK  (1 of 1)-7

BDK  (1 of 1)-6

BDK  (1 of 1)-4

BDK  (1 of 1)-11

BDK  (1 of 1)


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