#BloggerSaturday at Street Feast London

What a day!

The weather was not cooperating on Saturday where we, Blog’n Bake collective set up shop at Street Feast London. It was the first time for us as vendors thus we weren’t entirely prepared. There were a few delays due to the poor weather but we managed to get our display going with a few vintage cake stands and chopping board brought by Giulia, Sam & Hannah. The downpour did not dampen our spirits and we went on for about 8 hours before we packed up!  It was fun getting to know the other vendors and try out their food. We also took the opportunity to speak to our customers and explained what Nanaimo bars and paleo baked goods are about. Thank you to Tweat Up for organising the event and who knows… you might just start seeing Blog’n Bake around.

St Feast-1-17

St Feast-1-23

St Feast-1-25

St Feast-1-6

St Feast-1-16

St Feast-1-15




St Feast-1-13

St Feast-1-7

*Credit to Sam – Barbells & Baking for taking the first photo above!


4 thoughts on “#BloggerSaturday at Street Feast London

  1. LOVE the photos wendy! Damn still cursing that I didn’t bring my camera- thanks for taking all these lovely photos of our stall too 🙂 p.s. the lemon tart was so delicious!

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