Building Part II

When we first got to Norfolk, the base structure was wobbly. A timber member was broken when Jack tried to balance his whole weight on it. We didn’t quite know what it was going to be except that it will have a seat and some string draped across it. By Sunday, the structure was sound and the floor boards and seat stuck on. We even came up with a few ideas for the details of how the string will work with the folly and did some testing before we left. Last weekend, whilst I was at Street Feast London, the boys were in Norfolk with other friends and made great progress with the string design. You can see it in the last photo (not taken by me as I was not there!) So great to see all the hard work come together in the end.

Building (1 of 1)-26

Building (1 of 1)-21

Building (1 of 1)-23

Building (1 of 1)-28

Building (1 of 1)-29

Building (1 of 1)-30

Building (1 of 1)-33



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