Last week was an absolute crazy week. I didn’t quite see daylight as I was cooped up in the office working until 3am in the morning for days. RIDICULOUS, some might say. However, this made me appreciate the weekends more and catching up with friends and life are priorities!

Since moving into the Highbury & Islington area two weeks ago, I finally had a chance to spend Saturday and Sunday exploring my local vicinity. Found this really cute cafe down Hemingford Road called Sunday. I LOVE everything about this place – from the seating area on the outside to the cute interiors where there are hanging bulbs, simple painted floor boards and gorgeous stools adorning beautiful fabrics.

As the weather was rather windy, we did not get a chance to explore the garden but instead sat by the front window and gazed out. The coffee (flat white) served at Sunday was a delight and I managed to stuff myself with the brioche french toast, vanilla creme fraiche, banana and salted caramel for my lunch. If you ever find yourself in the area and feel like a coffee, give me a shout!











6 thoughts on “Sunday

    • Hi Brian, I haven’t checked out Brewsters nor Vagabond yet but now that you mention, I will! 🙂 Thank you! Sunday is pretty awesome. I just love the fact that it’s tucked away on a side street and serves good coffee!

  1. I miss my old hood. I love that area but I’m sure there are way more cool cafes there now. We used to go to a restaurant called Gallipoli, it was great! Looks like you’re having fun (minus working till 3am!)

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