Whilst editing my photos after my first encounter with ‘Bohemians4Soho’, I wrote down a list of items which I felt were missing from my first set of photos.
I felt that there was too much focus on what they stand for in my initial set where I shot posters, words and display of their protest. Also, after checking out the shots of Mingyang, it was really interesting to see his other perspective/angle and to assess what I was not covering. I also jotted down questions to ask some of people on the second night.

List of items to shoot:
–  Capture space for context
–  Speak to individuals and take portraits

– What kind of outcomes are they hoping to get from the developer?
– How long are they prepared to be squatting at the ex-12 bar for?
– Are they involved in Soho prior to their protest? i.e. if they are local artists, shop owners etc?
– Have they been involved in other protests before?
– Speak to neighbouring shops/ neighbours and ask if they support the protest.

It was a very useful exercise to do and I managed to capture some images which I was happier with. Mingyang and I are hoping to edit and come up with a zine soon! Watch this space!


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