Access Through Tools festival

Just a couple of days ago, I have been documenting a festival called Access Through Tools organised and curated by London College of Communication’s graphic design students. I had a lovely time observing the designers and the participants come together to use processes to develop their craft.

I have been wanting to do a time-lapse video and thought it would be a good addition to the photographs which I have taken during the festival. Below is a first attempt using an intervalometer to take the images before processing them in Lightroom with a plugin. Never thought it would be this easy. Still have some editing of the music to do but here it is.

Access Through Tools Exhibition Night from Wendy Lee on Vimeo.

Video by Wendy Lee-Warne
Music by Jazzy Frenchy by Ben Sound

Another quick video which I did during the festival was a printing process lead by Richard Ardagh of New North Press using my iPhone 6 which has this time-lapse mode. I really like the ease of use on the iPhone. If you are creating your first time-lapse video for instagram, you do need to note that it is a minimum of 3 seconds video which means that you do need to shoot for a period of time.

On the camera, you can use your intervalometer to calculate the number of images you need to take. For the iPhone 6, Apple’s website states that “iOS 8 does all the work, snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals.” After a quick google search, Studio Neat did a couple of tests and found out that ‘What Apple means by “dynamically selected intervals” is they are doubling the speed of the time-lapse and taking half as many pictures per second as the recording duration doubles….’ You can read up more about that here.